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About Selling Hoarded Home

Deep Cleaning

People living under hoarded conditions oftentimes aren’t able to clean as well as usual because certain areas of the home are inaccessible. This can lead to a buildup of gross filth and generally unsanitary conditions. It’s really important that things be presentable because even buyers looking to flip the home may turn away from the property if there are conditions like animal waste, mold, and excessive dirt. Make sure everything in the home is sanitized and clean before listing it.

Pest Control

In a lot of cases, hoarding also comes with pest or vermin infestations. Pests are particularly problematic because they can mess up so many areas of the home. Hard to get rid of infestations like termites, roaches, or bed bugs can linger and mess up the house’s structure, floors, and walls. Pest control should only be done after the home is cleared out. Trying to do pest control before clutter removal usually leads to the treatments being ineffective.


Hoarded homes will almost always need additional physical repairs. If the home was hoarded for long enough, it’s likely that things like heat or water are no longer working. There is also the potential for mold and water damage. In extreme cases, hoarding can cause physical damage to many parts of the home, including the foundation. All of these issues will have to be resolved before the home can be sold.