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Get Best Price For Home

1. Planning; preparation; priorities; pricing: Interview professional real estate agents, and choose one, which you feel confident in, and will be willing, and able, to tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear (TM). Know what planning a homeowner must undertake, including the necessary steps, in terms of preparing one’s home for optimum viewing, etc! Discuss your priorities, and assure you, and your agent, are on the same page, and will have thorough, frank discussions, throughout the process. Ask for pricing recommendations, while realizing the best approach is generally basing it on a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). Price your house, from the start, wisely!

2. Realistic; reasons; right buyers: Do you know and understand your niche market, if any, and who to pursue, who might be the right buyers, for your home? Is your house best suited for a family, couple, and how about socioeconomics, etc? Do you have realistic expectations? Make a list of reasons to believe in your mindset, as well as to disprove them!

3. Impression; insight; intuition: While logic is valuable, take heed of the observations of your agent, and consider his intuition, and reasoning. Doing so, you will gain valuable insights, and be better able to respond to market conditions, etc. Consider the first impression, a potential buyer, may have of your house, and address items, such as curb appeal, first impressions, and minor adjustments, which might better position your particular home.

4. Comparablescompetitive; curb appeal: Be guided by current, recent, accurate, relevant comparables! If your pricing is not competitive, you will become your own, worst enemy! Drive up to your house, as if you were a potential buyer, and consider the curb appeal!