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Prepare Real Estate Closing

1. Keep in touch: Be a proactive buyer. Ask any questions you think of, and continue to ask, until you feel comfortable, and informed! After you have your offer accepted, and the house has gone to contract, continue to keep in regular touch, with your agent, mortgage banker/ broker, and real estate attorney. Be as prepared as possible, and find out what you should do, to reduce the hassle, etc!

2. Respond quickly and thoroughly: Through the period between the Contract, and the Closing, you will receive numerous inquiries, questions, etc. If you wish to minimize hassle and angst, and/ or any last – minute surprises, respond quickly to any, and all inquiries and/ or requests for information, from either your agent, mortgage broker, attorney, etc. Be thorough, and don’t take any shortcuts along the way. Providing all the information requested, in a timely, thorough manner, will make the entire process simpler!

3. Carefully, thoroughly gather Closing funds/ costs: Your attorney and mortgage company, should provide you with a list of needed funds, to address a variety of closing costs. A good rule of thumb, is to over – prepare, and have at least ten percent more available. Also, ease your post – Closing period, by creating a personal fund, dedicated to addressing monthly charges, including not only mortgage – related expenses, but household costs, such as utilities, maintenance, etc.