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Preparing House For Spring Market

1. Basic Spring cleaning: There must be a reason, we often do Spring cleaning, whether we are selling or not. Houses are often stressed by the Winter weather, and need some degree of attention and neatening up, after the Winter. Sellers should carefully and thoroughly walk – through their homes, both inside and outside. Be as objective as you possibly can, and identify any areas, which seem to need some sprucing up. This may include cleaning or finishing floors, doing a thorough cleaning, removing clutter, and making the house more attractive for potential buyers. Remember, you only get one opportunity, to make a good, first impression!

2. Windows; doors; concrete; exterior; etc: Make certain all windows are really clean, both insider and outside. Either do so yourself, or find a window – washer, to do so, for you. Are your doors scuffed, and/ or dirty? Clean them, and touch up the paint, if needed. Do all windows and doors close thoroughly and correctly? Inspect the concrete and black – top areas, repair if necessary, seal the black – top, and thoroughly power wash! Look at the exterior of your home? Does it look dirty and/ or worn? At a minimum, power – wash the exterior siding, etc.

3. Landscaping; leaves; lawn; plants: Remember to constantly think about curb appeal! Make certain all leaves have been removed, lawn areas are healthy, seeded, and pleasantly green. Do some basic landscaping, such as improving the condition and appearance of flower beds, etc. Strategically, consider some plantings, so as to add color, warmth, and appeal!

4. Touch – ups: One of the biggest turn – offs to potential buyers, are areas, where there appears to be evidence of perceived neglect, such as chipped and/ or dirty paint. Strategically, touch – up these areas, and, if you have certain colors, which might deter certain buyers, consider covering them with more neutral colors.